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WHAT IS is your go-to website when it comes to finding affordable, high quality restaurants and cafés in Copenhagen. It can be difficult as a student to find delicious food for a fair price. Our goal is to give you the best options when it comes to finding low-cost meals on a student budget. On our site, we allow you to filter our listed restaurants using different filter criteria that will help you find the right restaurant for your taste.


Finding cheap restaurants and cafés of good quality represents a challenge, especially in Copenhagen. Consumers tend to use review websites to solve this issue. Often, review websites provide consumers with a lot of information and build on the wisdom of the crowd by aggregating consumer reviews. Review websites tend to overload consumers with information. Moreover, the heterogeneity in subjective consumer perceptions regarding the quality of restaurants leads to conflicting restaurant reviews and ratings. While review websites follow the approach to provide a holistic view of all available restaurants, we as focus on listing only the good restaurants that serve great food for an affordable price. By providing high quality recommendations to visitors we aim to ensure that consumers can only find great restaurant options on our website.

HOW DOES IT WORK? employs around 60 students who manage the website from the creation of restaurant recommendations to the technical maintenance. The main target group of are students that are looking for cheap eats and good restaurants in Copenhagen. As our employees are actually members of our target group, we understand what students like and are able to provide highly relevant restaurant recommendations. Different from other recommendation or price comparison websites, is not offering the option to create sponsored listings, where the recommended restaurants are listed more prominently because of a fee paid by the restaurant owner instead of the quality of the restaurant. To cover our operating costs, we use an advertising model to generate revenue. By renting out advertising space to interested and relevant parties, allows advertisers to address the target group of mostly students while offering consumers free access to information on some of the best cheap eats and restaurants Copenhagen has to offer.