Libanesisk café and tea room

Salads Middle Eastern
Opening Hours from to
Sunday 10:00 20:00
Monday 10:00 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 20:00
Thursday 10:00 20:00
Friday 10:00 20:00
Saturday 10:00 20:00

Vegetarian Options

Vegan Options

Suited for dates

Close to public transportation

Suited for Groups

Outdoor Area

$ 100 - 150 DKK.

Noise Level: Medium

Birkegade 6 6 Birkegade København N

District: Nørrebro

Come join the thousand and one night's fairy tales of tasty halloumi salads on authentic colourful plates at incredibly low prices.

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The menu of Mahalle offers a wide range of Lebanese dishes aesthetically prepared to satisfy any Instagramers heart. The options offer several, or actually mostly, vegetarian and vegan dishes. The dishes are so tasteful and even cheap that it is impossible for you to leave Mahalle hungry. However, you cannot leave without tasting the famous halloumi salad and the iced lemonade with mint! 



Style, Location & Interior

As soon as you enter the door you will sens the heart of Mahalle. The dark and authentic room covers you like a blanket from the cold streets of central Copenhagen. The name Mahalle can be translated to "neighbourhood" which very well describes how they manage in the best possible way to combine the local Copenhagen "hygge" with a feeling of the Middle East. As it should be in Nørrebro, the atmosphere is informal and sets the stage for many hours of conversation. There's a very special atmosphere about Mahalle that you will not find anywhere else in Copenhagen.


You must remember to book a table well in advance if you want to have a taste of the Middle Eastern Cafés. Rumour has spread quickly about vegan, colourful dishes for cheap money. In fact, so quickly that Mahalle has expanded from just a single small branch in Nørrebro to now three Cafés - two in Nørrebro and one in the Inner City on Copenhagen. And yet, the tables are fully booked evening after evening. If this does not speak for itself, we shall gladly argue why you can not cheat yourself of taking a bite of Mahalle. 

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Published on 13.10.19, 12:34