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Pizza Italian
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Sunday 12:00 22:00
Monday 16:00 22:00
Tuesday 16:00 22:00
Wednesday 16:00 22:00
Thursday 16:00 22:00
Friday 16:00 23:00
Saturday 16:00 23:00

Vegetarian Options

Vegan Options

Close to public transportation

Suited for Groups

Outdoor Area

$ 150 - 200 DKK.

Noise Level: High

Bygmestervej 2 2 Bygmestervej KĂžbenhavn NV

District: Nordvest

Tribeca Beer & Pizza lab is a hidden gem, a place you have to know exists to ever find - just like treasure hunting!

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In a fusion between the Italian cuisine and Danish beer crafting traditions, Tribeca offers the best of both worlds. The pizzas are made Sicilian style and baked in a large stone oven to create a delicate crispy crust. The ingredients are hand picked, and combined in a way that makes your taste buds sing. On the menu, you can both find the more traditional red pizzas, as well as white pizzas. We especially fancy the white pizza no. 9 Salsiccia, which has the perfect combo of salty and umami. We also quite fancy the pizza in pala, a type of pizza that most have never tried before, even more crispy and airy. To complement whatever choice of pizza, you can find an array of special Danish brewed beers, spreading from dark IPAs to fresh wheat beer. Our recommendation is to try beer no. 8, we've never tasted anything like that. 

Style, Location & Interior

Decorated in a true New York style, Tribeca appears rough and authentic. With uncovered tree walls and burned wooden tables, the restaurant has a casual yet chic expression. Most guests are seated on long tables, making us getting to know fellow pizza lovers. This though sometimes create higher noise levels, which is why we do not recommend this place for intimate dates. However, it is perfect for hanging with friends - especially because it can host large groups. Furthermore, the outdoor area is simply adorable and the perfect spot to enjoy crispy summer evenings. 


The personnel prioritize quick service of food and drinks, to give you the best experience without annoying waiting time. Order your pizza and beer and pick-up at the bar: they will come in a jiffy!

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